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Sorry about the gap between blogs, as this was due to family medical reasons. However, in this period, I did manage to see a wonderful Goya exhibition at the National Gallery, London. All the works were portraits, but the intense humanity emmiting from these paintings was quite unforgettable. Another wonderful show was the Giacometti heads at the National Portrait Gallery, again reflecting a powerful human presence.

More recently, I went to the opening of an exhibition at Pace, London, reflecting the relationship of the works of John Hoyland, Anthony Caro and Keneth Nolan. It was fascinating to see how the work of these very different artists were dealing with certain common concerns.

Yesterday, I attended a completely different exhibition at The Natural History Museum entitled 'Otherworlds' which was a show of photographs, many taken in deep space. It is almost difficult to comprehend the vastness and sheer beauty of outer space. Quite mind-blowing.

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