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The Frieze Art Fair

Updated: May 5, 2021

Back in London, and a vist to Frieze.

Generally speaking, I thought that Frieze Masters was considerably more interesting than Frieze contemporary. Frieze Masters had a wonderful mixture of antiquity, classical and modern art. In this sense, it was a rare experience to see where ideas and images came from, and where they led to. However, Frieze Contemporary was not without some stunning pieces that I really loved, specifically a large Baselitz monochromatic painting of a section of a figure floating in space and of the edge of the picture plane. I also enjoyed the humour and inventivness of some other pieces on show (see the Red Balloon Sculpture below ). But I thought that Frieze contemporary contained a lot of very slight and whimsical work. Having said all that, I don't think that art fairs are a good place to look at art - too many stands and too many images, all competing for attention.

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