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2017: Peter Griffin, ‘Dancing to the Enigma of Time’, Gallery GL Lejre, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016: ‘The Prints’, Cromwell Place, Broadbent Gallery, London

2015: ‘I Am Only The Head Of Those That Went Before Me (Part Two)’, Maddox Arts, London, UK

2014: “I Am Only The Head Of Those That Went Before Me: A Twenty-Year
Retrospective’, The Mark Rothko Centre Daugavpils, Latvia

2014: ‘The Neruda and Ortega prints’, Gallery of Contemporary Art, University of Shiaulia, Vilnis, Lithuania

2014: ‘Seizing the Moment’, Galleri Gl Lejre

2013: ‘Sealed With Fire (The Neruda Prints)’, Mark Rothko Centre

2013: ‘Peter Griffin Paintings’, Cavendish Group International, Lutetia hotel, Paris

2012: ‘Traces and Fragments, Past into Present’. Gallery GL Lejre

2011: ‘Paintings from the Interlude’, Maddox Arts

2011: ‘The Prints’, Centro de Bicenteneri Salta, Argentina

2008: ‘Between Head and Heart’, Maddox Arts

2007: ‘Alive To It All’, Centro Cultural Saint Clemente, Toledo, Spain

2006: ‘Bringing It All Back Home’, Wakefield City Art Gallery, Yorkshire, UK

2005: ‘The Year The Pope Died And Liverpool Won The European Cup’, Broadbent Gallery

2004: ‘La Vida Es Un Ahora’, The Alcazar and The Fundacion Ortega Y Gasset
Toledo, Spain

2003: ‘Beyond All Boundaries (an exhibition in aid of UNICEF)’, The Salon des Arts, London

2002: ‘Peter Griffin Paintings and Prints’, Centre Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2002: ‘Stealing From Time’, Broadbent Gallery

2001: ‘Love, Life, Love (The Collected Prints, launch of Ortega y Gassett suite),
Broadbent Gallery

2000: ‘Peter Griffin Paintings’, Wren Library, Cambridge and Gallerie Brulee,
Strasbourg, France

2000: ‘50th anniversary of The European Commission for Human Rights’, The
European Council, Strasbourg, France

1999-2000: ‘Identities (Collaboration with the Playwright and Novelist Ariel Dorfman)’, Riverside Studios, London and touring to The Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge

1998: Designed and painted stage set for Victor Jara Memorial Concerts, Royal Festival Hall, London and Estadio Chile, Santiago

1997-1999: ‘Sealed with Fire (Images of Neruda)’, European Academy London
(1997). Touring to Buenos Aires, Concepcion and Santiago, Chile (1998-99)

1995: ‘Time, Memory and Association’, Beattie Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1994: Bede Gallery, Jarrow (William Tucker / Peter Griffin)

1993: ‘Inside Out: Paintings 1992/1993’, Maak Gallery, London, UK

1991: ‘Peter Griffin Recent Work’, Austin Desmond Fine Art, London, UK

1991: Gallery Gloria, Nicosia, Cyprus (October)

1986: Herbert Reed Gallery, Canterbury, UK

1986: Galleria Gregorgiana, Rome Italy

1985: ‘Drawings and Paintings’, St Pauls Gallery, Leeds, UK (June)

1985: ‘Drawings and Paintings’, Cyprus House Gallery, New York (March)

1984: ‘Drawings and Paintings’, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury

1984: ‘Drawings and Paintings’, Bede Gallery, Jarrow (April) (Stass Paraskos / Peter Griffin)

1982: Darwin College, University of Kent

1982: Wolfson College, Oxford University

1979: Galler ia Machi, Pisa, Italy


2015: ‘Paper Trail’, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York

2015: ‘Small is Beautiful’, Flowers West, New York

2015: ‘Art Herning International Art Fair’, Herning, Denmark

2014: ‘Small is Beautiful’, Flowers Gallery, New York

2013: ‘Art Herning International Art Fair’, Herning

2013: ‘Gallery GL Lejre Anniversary Exhibition, Camps 25 Years’, Copenhagen

2012: ‘Secrets’, Royal College of Art, London

2012: Art 2012, London

2011: ‘Artists Drawing a Line Under Torture’, Freedom from Torture, London (Auction)

2010: ‘I See Alone Sometimes’, Maddox Arts, London, UK

2009: ‘The Art of Survival’, Maddox Arts (Auction)

2009: ‘Full Circle: An Evening of Art and Music’, The Round House, London (Auction)

2009: The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NY, USA

2009: ‘Secrets Exhibition’, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2009: ‘Small is Beautiful: Nursery Rhymes’, Flowers East Gallery, London, UK

2006: The Chicago Art Fair, Chicago, USA

2003: The Archive Show, Broadbent, London, UK

2003: ‘Armoury Show’, New York, USA

2003: ‘Miami International Art Fair’, Miami, USA

2003: ‘Art Fiera’, Bologna, Italy

2003: ‘Two Man Show with Willard Boepple’, Galerie Aalders, San Tropez

2003: ‘Art 2003’, London, UK

2002: Group Show at Broadbent, London, UK

2002: ‘Art 2002’, London, UK

2001: ‘Art 2001’, London, UK

2000: ‘Art 2000’, London, UK

2000: ‘Modern British Prints’, Bircham Contemporary Arts, Norfolk

1999-2000: ‘Chora’, curated by Sue Hubbard and Simon Morley, Underwood Street London N1, Southhill Park, Bracknell, Abbot Hall, Kendal and Hotbath Gallery Bath

1996-97: ‘The Enduring Tradition’, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Australia and touring

1994-95: ‘6 Painters' 3 Continents (Europe Australia and America)’, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney and touring to Melbourne, Woollangong, Brisbane and Newcastle, Australia

1994: ‘Words are Not Enough’, Solander Gallery Canberra, Australia, with Arthur Boyd and others

1994: Corr Contemporary Art, London

1994: ‘Malta’s Cradle: Reflections on the Abyss of Time’, Solo Impressions Gallery, New York (with Nancy Spero, Robert Smithson, Juan Uisle, and the Same Twins)

1993: ‘The Experience of Abstraction’, College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales, Paddington, Australia

1992-93: ‘3 Sculptures, 3 Painters’, Basil Beatty, Peter Griffin, Dillwyn Smith, Philip King, Wlliam Tucker, and Jeff Lowe, Maak Gallery, London, UK

1991: ‘From Vorticism to Pop’, Austin Desmond, London, UK

1989: ‘British Figurative Painting 1949–1989’, British Council Touring Exhibition, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaya, and Zimba

1989: ‘The Selected Works’, Bede Gallery, Jarrow

1987: The Contemporary Art Society Market, London

1986: ‘Artist of The Day’, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

1980: ‘British Artists in Italy’, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury

1980: ‘The British School at Rome’, South London Art Gallery

1979: ‘Mostra ‘79’, Academia Britannica, Rome

1978: ‘Mostra ‘78’, Academia Britannica, Rome

1977: Wakefield, UK

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